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Glitsa clean concentrate

Glitsa Clean is an excellent cleaner for wood floors and other interior wood surfaces. Glitsa Clean contains no surface-dulling oils that collect dust and dirt, nor does it contain any waxy polishes that may cause buildup on the surface of your floor finish. A gallon of concentrate will make 16 gallons of freshly scented, no-rinsing-required cleaner. Great for refilling your Ready-to-Use bottle! Simply add two ounces of concentrate and fill your Ready-to-Use bottle with water!

  • Excellent Wood Floor Cleaner, Water Based
  • pH Neutral – Safe for Pets and Children
  • Contains No Phosphates, Biodegradable Concentrate
Cleaning products from Morris Floors & Interiors in Ferndale, WA

Safeglides® felt floor protectors

Safeglides® felt floor protectors buffer furniture from scratching or marring floors. They are simple to install, won’t loosen or slip and are available in a variety of sizes. Felt, plastic and steel are permanently combined to give you our most popular glide for wooden furniture. No need for drilling or gluing. Install easily with the tap of a hammer into end grain. The very thin, tubular, nickel-plated rivet holds fast, is safe for furniture and won’t split wooden chair legs. Recommended for wood, vinyl, tile, stone, terrazzo and marble flooring.
Safeglide floor protector from Morris Floors & Interiors in Bellingham, WA

Professional tack mop

The Glitsa Professional-Grade Tack Mop is an industrial mop specifically designed for flooring contractors. The mop features a heavy-duty, telescoping stainless steel pole with manual locks for heavy industrial use. The angled, swivel action mophead ensures that minimal dust and debris are left behind. The Glitsa Tack Mop comes with two microfiber pads (one for dry tacking and one for wet tacking) that securely Velcro to the mophead. Pads may be vacuumed or washed in plain water for reuse.

  • Designed for industrial tacking
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel pole
  • Manual locks keep telescopic pole in place
  • Good swivel action

Angled mophead picks up dust and debris, minimizing particles in coating
Floor cleaning products in Ferndale, WA from Morris Floors & Interiors

Floor care kit

Glitsa Floor Care Kit includes 1 maintenance mop that features a heavy-duty, aluminum, telescoping pole and angled swivel action mop head, excellent for cleaning hard to reach places; 1 microfiber pad specifically for dust mopping; 1 microfiber pad specifically for damp mopping; and one 32 oz. Ready-to-Use Glitsa Wood Floor Cleaner. The Glitsa Floor Care Kit is perfect for cleaning hard surface floors.
Floor care kit in Burlington, WA from Morris Floors & Interiors