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Countertops are one of the few surfaces in your home that sees near constant use, day in and day out, multiple times a day, and for various reasons. Because of this, you’ll need a material that can cater to the many characteristics in your home.

Each homeowner has different needs and preferences, and that’s something a good countertop retailer will take into consideration when working with you towards your perfect materials. It’s not easy to navigate the process alone. We’re going to show you some reasons for your consideration, so read along with us.

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Since we use our countertops for various purposes, it's important to make sure you get the right material. Some materials are suited for heat, while others focus on stain protection, and still, others make the greatest addition to your overall décor.

Granite, for example, is an excellent material for elegance and amazing durability, but it’s also easy to afford for most budgets. Quartz is very much like granite but is considered an engineered stone product. Laminate is a great choice for those who want affordability, but with an excellent variety of patterns and colors.

Choosing the perfect countertop material for your needs is what your local countertops store is for. When you get to take a look for yourself, you’ll see the many variations of appearance, and you’ll get to speak with service providers about the benefits and functionality of each one.

The installation process varies according to the material you choose, but our installers make every effort to finish as quickly as possible. We know how important it is that your kitchen function properly and on time, and we’ll take as little of that as necessary to install your new countertops.

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When you’re searching for a great countertop store, Morris Floors & Interiors is a perfect option. With our wide range of materials, professional service providers, and over 28 years of flooring experience, you’ll find we’re an excellent choice.

If you’re in the areas of Whatcom County or Skagit County, we’d love to have you visit our Ferndale, WA showroom. There, we can discuss your very specific needs at our leisure and help find the perfect fit in services for your upcoming project. We’re always ready to focus on your plans and let you know it's an honor to do so.
Morris Floors and Interiors carries a wide variety of countertop materials Quartz, Granite, Marble, Laminate & Corian. These virtually seamless Countertops will be a beautiful touch to your home.